Monday, June 1, 2015

Singapore Trip and Some Feels

Have you ever felt going away from everything, escaping your little reality alone and going somewhere else new to you? Well, I did. And I did escape alone, but temporarily. 

To be honest, I think I just needed some new air to breathe in. I just needed a release from everything I had and encountered. Maybe I just needed something that would excite me even more, and I knew I will only find it from a stranger, a place called Singapore.

I stayed in Singapore for 4 days. Stayed at Value Hotel Thomson, it's a budget friendly hotel, but the quality of their service and facilities isn't compromised. I love my stay there, the staff are friendly and the best part of the hotel is their swimming pool located on the 7th floor. :) 
Went for an early morning swimming on my 2nd day before exploring the city. :)
The view from the swimming pool area of Value Thomson. It's nice to start the day by looking at a beautiful facade. 

Craving for more
To be honest, a lot things have happened, and this year might be one of the most exciting years to me, but despite of these things happening in front me, I am craving for more - more adventures, more reasons, and more sunshines. I still don't know exactly what I want, but I think I'm nearly there to discover.

I also went to Ion Sky, located at the 55th floor of the Ion Mall. The view is marvelous. 
Saw these cutesies displayed at the lobby and outside the Ion Mall. Ion Mall is in Orchard Station, btw. :)
I met up with my cousin who works in SG for quite a long time now. Did a little catching up, since the last time we've met was a decade ago. Ha ha! We took our dinner and had some drinks at Piedra Negra, a Mexican Restaurant in Haji Lane.  
I've never had a real family reunion, for a typical Filipino family we're not like that - having get togethers every Christmas or reunions every Holy Week - none of that have ever happened to me and my family, well at least on my mom's side --- this is why I never thought I would love the feeling of reuniting with a family. I never thought I would be so thrilled rebuilding the bridges to meet halfway with people from my own blood. 
This is Haji Lane, just one of the artsy streets in SG. There are a lot of chill spots to go to and artsy shops to check in here. :)
This wall art struck me. I assumed that this is a sign I've been waiting for. Maybe this is the universe speaking to me, telling me to push myself beyond my limits, to sore higher than I can ever imagine. Maybe this is the universe's way to tell me that I can do better, and I should do something to make me better, because in the end of the day this isn't my practice life, whether I like it or not, this is my life.
One thing I noticed in SG is that birds are really friendly here. HA HA HA!
This is Little India. I must say, I fell in love with the place. Colors everywhere, seems like a happy place, my happy place. 
I also took the chance to get a hand henna tattoo. It's a freestyle design made by an Indian lady, it's so pretty.
On my (technically) last full day in SG, I went to Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters to have breakfast. The food is delicious and the place is neat and modern. 
The view in Upper Thomson bus station
I took the bus to go around the city in my last day. I love city living, I love seeing city lights and big skyscrapers at night.

Already over. Over, but very fulfilling.
My 4-day vacation ended just like that, but I can say it was very fulfilling. For me, surviving 4 days outside my own comfort zone is a big deal. I've never saw myself surviving alone in a very strange place until I did this trip, and Thank God I did. I did take the risk to be risky, but not reckless. I did take the risk to be spontaneous, but not careless. 
Sorry I had to go back to you to say THANK YOU.
I would like to thank you. Thank you for the freedom you gave me. Thank you for letting me go and letting me build the dreams I wanted to build before you. Thank you for letting me find me, for letting me discover the things I wouldn't discover with you around. Thank you for letting me get away to breathe and unwind and feel again. I'm better now, happier, still not contented though, because I know I still have a lot to do, achieve and create, but I'm happier now - Thanks to you.
Of course, I will come back again, SG. It is indeed a dream come true. Cheers for more adventures! Cheers for more escapes! 

Bye for now.

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