Sunday, November 25, 2012

Just another outfit post and some rants.

Another quick blog/outfit post. So today is a free day. Free from all these stress and dramas at work. Haha! But tomorrow is a Monday, hopefully my last Monday in my current office. Ugh! Honestly, I'm not enjoying anymore. I mean, I love my officemates, they are all my friends, but the work and the whole environment of it, i just can't stand it anymore. :|

Anyway, enough of the rants and sh*ts. Here's my Outfit Of The Day aka OOTD:

I decided to play dress up again, since it's my usual past time whenever I have my free time. I saw this Lady Marlene lace Corset inside my closet, I know it's an old corset, but I'm not sure if it's my mom's or my aunt's, it looks pretty so I tried it on.

Oh, and BTW, that's Apollo, our dog. :) He usually doesn't like picture takings, but today, he enjoyed it. Hahahaha!

Shorts: high-waisted; Forever 21 
Necklace: shell; bought it from Boracay 
Cover-up: crochet; Montana Blues

Makeup: for the eyes, I used dollface cosmetics, Estee Lauder Pencil eyeliner; cheeks, Princess Marcella Borghese; lips, covergirl


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday. Quick blog.

It's amazing that I can now blog using my iPad 2 with blogger's new free app. :) I have just downloaded this app last Saturday. I'm excited to use it. Yay!! :D I miss blogging and this is all I need to blog away without using my crappy laptop. Haha!

Well, anyway, since yesterday was a Sunday, it was a free day for me, no work, no appointments, just a whole day of me time. It's my usual Sunday.

These were all taken from my iPad, sooooo, sorry for low quality pictures. :/ I used ColorVu for Instagram app to edit all these pictures. :)

MAKEUP USED: *Eyes - dollface cosmetics; L'oreal *Lips - cover girl *Cheeks - E.L.F bronzer

This is how I have fun by myself. Hahaha!
Top: TomatoBottom: Designed by my mom
Earrings: Forever21

HYPE this look:


Thursday, August 16, 2012

AFLG: I am a ZALORAph Brand Ambassador

So last month I received an email that says I'm part of Zalora's Brand Ambassador Shortlist. Ofcourse, it was overwhelming to me but I didn't expect anything or what-so-ever. I know that I'm new at this blogging thing. And given this amazing opportunity to become one of the Brand Ambassadors of  The Philippines' leading online fashion destination is a big thing for a newbie like me.

Received several emails from the ever hard working Zalora Team about the Brand Ambassador application process these past weeks. Everything are worthy, I must say. also made a web page for their Brand Ambassadors. It features our blog logos with our blog links so everyone could check out our blogs.

You guys should check out out webpage it's: The blogs are grouped into 4 categories: Fashion, Beauty, Sports and Mommy. My blog is under the "Fashion" category. 

Here are the screen shots of the blog logos under the "Fashion" category. 

More over, you guys can also be a Brand Ambassador of Zalora. Just click this link: Become a Brand Ambassador and how it works. 


Saturday, August 11, 2012


WHAT: ZALORA's Fashion Fights the Flood Fundraiser
WHEN: August 15, 2012
WHERE: Skye Lounge, Fort Bonifacio

It will be also the launch of "KC's Closet"Ms. KC Conception will be selling some of her clothes and items will be 100% donated to United Nations Wood Food Programme

You guys can also choose to donate 250php, 500php and 1000php. ALL proceeds will go to CHARITYJust click the links below to add the “Fashion Fights the Flood Fundraiser e-ticket“ to your shopping cart. Kindly print the receipt you will receive in your e-mail and bring it with you to the event. 

See you guys! Spread the word. :)


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quick Blog

I'll make this short. Okay? Obviously this is an outfit blog post. :D

This jumpsuit was designed by my mum... again. haha! Boots are from forever 21. :)

Also, you can vote for this look on Chictopia

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Colored Story

Since I have promised you that there are more blog posts to come, I created another for you guys TODAY. YAY! :) Okay, I know I was busy these past months. Why? Well, because I worked as an Assistant stylist for this up coming teleserye (TV series) in ABS-CBN channel 2... Which I will be sharing some of the details I can share to you on another blog post. :) I had fun doing the job but I had to leave the show for certain reasons. So now that I have all the time to blog I'm grabbing the opportunity to catch up.

Okay, let's go back to School Year 2011-2012, my graduating batch. I must say we were fortunate to end the school year with.. well let's say A BANG! But mishaps are always there and sometimes can not be avoided. Our alumni organization had organized a "Graduation Ball" for us to enjoy our last "Kick" in college. It was supposed to be the first time that our university will going to have the Send-off ball for the graduating batch. Sadly, it was cancelled. :(

My friends and I were excited to attend the ball. Prepared all the dresses, gowns, shoes and tuxedos weeks before the said date. We felt sad about the fact that it was cancelled, since almost everyone's clothes and... SOUL were ready.

One of them was me. A week after they announced that there's gonna be a Graduation Ball for us, Seniors, I told my mom and the news excites her too. She haven't been to a graduation ball or even her Junior/Senior prom during her high school years, but she knew that it's going to be fun.

So this is the dress that I was supposed to wear to the Grad Ball...

My mum designed this gown and I asked my Aunt to sew it. My mum didn't attend any fashion design class or whatever. I think it's just her passion that drives her in creating lovely pieces like this. I love how artistic my family is. They inspire me to explore my creative side. And of course their support is my ultimate up-lifter.

This gown was made for the grad ball, but since it was cancelled, I didn't have other chances to wear it. I hope I can wear somewhere soon though. 

My mum did the accents to the gown.

I know how perfect this would be on the Red Carpet. I love how the long back moves with me. Well, for me it's an accomplishment that we chose the right fabric for this gown.

So, yes, it was kinda a sad story especially for us who were really excited. BUT, life goes on, there's always a next time... and event. HAHA!


Comments, questions, suggestions. Don't hesitate to leave them! :)


For this Item of the day:
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Sparkle.

So it's been a long time since I had posted my last blog post. Finally, I have a new one, and more to come. :)

Well, today I woke up and got bored. While mom was sewing something which is very usual, I asked her to be my photographer for today. She was game and supportive (as always). I love how supportive my mom is when it comes to fashion. When she said "yes" I immediately opened my closet and looked for these lovely dresses I have but I haven't get the chance to wear them somewhere. I think, now is the time... Well, some how. haha!

For this first dress. Well I got this dress from a vintage store near our house. I fell in love with this sequined H&M dress the second I had my eyes on it. For me, it has its CLASSIC elegance that any girl (i think) can not resist.

The truth? It's a mini dress.
This is what it looked like before. And...

It's now a long gown. :) My mum did a little twitching with the length. It has a story behind it... On why did she have to add length to the dress.
I love how the bottom part flows when I'm walking.  My nude bootsies from Forever 21are just perfect for lovely mini dress-turned-long-gown. The bangles for from Diva Accessories.
I love how the sunlight makes the sequins sparkle. Feels like a red carpet moment for me. LOL.

Anyway, enough of this. You can also Vote for this look on Chictopia.

More outfit post to come. I PROMISE! <3

**Thanks Trixia for this signature. :)**
For the Item of the day:
The women's clutch Bag from McQueen is made with black ostrich feathers. It features a top clasp embellished with black gems and rhinestones. It has a magnetic closure and a thin metal chain sling with one back zip compartment.
Buy this for P2,792.00 at You may also use this voucher code to get discounts: JojojoYap1. Good day and Happy shopping!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

AFLG FEATURES: Raf Reyes of Bring Down My Style

Guys who are into fashion is just the best. David Guison, Vini Uehara, Michael Russo and Bobby Hicks, these are some of the "lookbook" guys who I adore when it comes to fashion. For me, they are REAL fashion icons for men.

As an addition to the "club", this new blogger and a friend of mine shares the same interest with these "lookbook" guys. In fact, his also a newbie on

Rafael Reyes a.k.a Raf is a 19 yr old lad from MNL and for him "STYLE is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style." 

RR: Fashion style well nothing amazing and stunning about my style ..i see to it that my style is simple yet it doesn't look so plain always try to accessorize i'm always trying to mix and match, sometimes i recycled my clothes.. 

RR: Fashion icon/s no.1 in my list is David Guison No.2 is T.O.P if your not a fan of k-pop "hindi nyo sya kilala" :)) and Last but not the least No.3 is Enrique Gil 
RR: Fashion Must haves: 2 different perfumes ,at least 2 skinny jeans,Cardigan, sneaker, plain white t's, always have your hanky in your pocket and most important Shades 

Raf and I. 

Hello there, Sailor!

Here's Raf's advice to every men about fashion...

RR: wear something comfortable and suits the weather you don't want to sweat like hell don't you? avoid dark colors if it's sunny and please avoid wearing JACKET!! wear them only when its cold outside especially here in the philippines, lastly always stay and look sweet smelling guy that's a dagdag pogi points for most the girls out there, if you do smell good definitely it will do the magic 

You guys can HYPE his look at And also become a his FAN.

Check out his blog at:
Follow him on twitter:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

AFLG FEATURES: Lace Marquez of Fashion Break

It's nice to have friends who can ride not only to your jokes and trips but also to your lets just say "passion". One of those friends of mine is Lace Marquez of Fashion Break.

It was a rainy Friday afternoon, and doing an outdoor shoot would be really chaotic with the rain, but it didn't stop us from pursuing this so called "simple happiness" of getting the shoot done.


Fashion Style: 
LM: I am really not staying into one fashion style like the others. I just wear what I wanna wear. I find it too boring to have a fashion style. My style depends on my mood.

Fashion must-haves: 
LM: I believe that perfect underwear is the must-haves of every fashionista. Fashion starts from the inside wear before the outside. It's like people, you will never be completely pretty if your inside personality is ugly.

Fashion Icon: 
LM: My Fashion Icon is Carolina Engman of I love her style. She's my original style capsule. I take a dosage of her everyday. I check out her blog every now and then. 

Fashion Mantra:
LM: I think people know me for having two layers of clothes most of the time. I just feel like 
I am so simple wearing only a piece. I don't mind about the occasions and weather, "tiis ganda" 


Me and Lace. It's always fun to do shoots like this with friends. Glad we did this one EVEN through the rain. :)

This pair of earrings is just GORGEOUS, don't you think? 

I love how she mix and match to create a STANDOUT outfit. 

You guys can HYPE her look at And also become a her FAN.

Check out her blog at:
Follow her on twitter:

Monday, April 23, 2012

My ZALORA wishlist

As a young woman, I love dressing up and trying new styles every once in awhile, but there is one thing or style I can't, well let's say, live without. And that is the "Girly" girl style. So I chose this gorgeous pieces from to make one lovely outfit that I could wear and also blog about. 

This Chic Yamada Pom Pom dress captured my attention because of its details. I just love the cut of this dress, Pure elegance.
I'm in love with anything metallic plus big bags. This XOXO Tote bag is just lovely. The bag itself is already a statement.
For me, flats are forever a must haves. Flats are my on-the-go shoes. I love the color of this Anita Mary Jane flats, it's very summery. And I feel that the pair of this shoes fits my personality, it screams BUBBLY and GIRLY. <3

Jewelries, I must say, complete an outfit. And a one piece of jewelry can make or break the whole style. These pieces (The Little Things She Needs Gold necklace and Alchemista Ring) are just the right pieces to complete this outfit. These jewelries are very classy.

So. This is my Zalora wishlist. If you guys think these pieces are lovely, go and check some other stuffs that you will surely like at They have lots of good stuffs for both genders and for kids - from sports attire to smart casual clothes.