Monday, April 23, 2012

My ZALORA wishlist

As a young woman, I love dressing up and trying new styles every once in awhile, but there is one thing or style I can't, well let's say, live without. And that is the "Girly" girl style. So I chose this gorgeous pieces from to make one lovely outfit that I could wear and also blog about. 

This Chic Yamada Pom Pom dress captured my attention because of its details. I just love the cut of this dress, Pure elegance.
I'm in love with anything metallic plus big bags. This XOXO Tote bag is just lovely. The bag itself is already a statement.
For me, flats are forever a must haves. Flats are my on-the-go shoes. I love the color of this Anita Mary Jane flats, it's very summery. And I feel that the pair of this shoes fits my personality, it screams BUBBLY and GIRLY. <3

Jewelries, I must say, complete an outfit. And a one piece of jewelry can make or break the whole style. These pieces (The Little Things She Needs Gold necklace and Alchemista Ring) are just the right pieces to complete this outfit. These jewelries are very classy.

So. This is my Zalora wishlist. If you guys think these pieces are lovely, go and check some other stuffs that you will surely like at They have lots of good stuffs for both genders and for kids - from sports attire to smart casual clothes. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

H&M's Fashion Against Aids

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a disease of the human immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus(HIV)The illness interferes with the immune system, making people with AIDS much more likely to get infections, including opportunistic infections and tumors that do not affect people with working immune systems. This susceptibility gets worse as the disease continues.
HIV is transmitted in many ways, such as: sexual intercourse (including oral sex and anal sex); contaminated blood transfusions and hypodermic needles; and exchange between mother and baby during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. It can be transmitted by any contact of amucous membrane or the bloodstream with a bodily fluid that has the virus in it, such as the blood, semen, vaginal fluid, preseminal fluid, or breast milk from an infected person. (source: wikipedia)
Fashion Against AIDS (FAA) is an extremely important initiative for H&M and this year the collection comes with a new twist. FAA is a campaign designed to raise both funds and awareness, which has so far donated over 41 million Swedish Krona for Designers Against AIDS (DAA) and various other international HIV/AIDS projects.

This will be the fifth time H&M will release their Fashion Against Aids campaign.

The collection will be available in selected stores and online at on April 26. 

For availability and prices, please check with your local store. Visit for contact details. 25% of the purchase price is donated to HIV/AIDS prevention.
Join our Fashion Against AIDS 2012 campaign! Upload your best pictures at and donate $1 to HIV/AIDS prevention.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

MUJI Go Paperless

Do you know what's in store for you today? Lots of love for mother earth! MUJI encourages its shoppers to go paperless to minimize waste and support the green initiatives worldwide. And not only that, it also gives discounts to its customers who will participate in this movement!
Promo Mechanics:
  • Every single-receipt purchase of P1000 with no paperbags or plastic bags needed, earns the customer one (1) stamp.

  • Promo runs from April 20 to July 31, 2012.
  • Booklets will be given to all customers who have made purchases starting April 20.
  • single-receipt purchases of other items, whether regular-priced or on sale, may be included as long as no paperbags or plastic bags are used to package the items. One receipt, one stamp.
  • Purchases amounting to P20,000 and above do not entitle the customer a stamp even without the use of paperbags or plastic bags. Such big purchases may not be broken down into separate receipts in order to meet the promo requirements.
  • Items that usually do not require paperbags and plastic bags such as furniture, shelves and the like are not included in this promo.
  • Customer must present their booklet to get stamps from the cashier upon purchase.
  • A completed booklet of 18 stamps entitles the customer to a 10% discount on his next purchase. To avail of the discount, customer must present his booklet to the cashier.
  • Redemption period of discounts is from April 20 to July 31, 2012 only.
  • Discounts may not coincide with other discounts, promos, markdowns and/or sale items. Discounts may not be applied to food and stationary items. 
  • Stamps must be countersigned by authorized store consultants or cashiers for them to be valid.
  • Upon availing of the discount, authorized store consultants or cashiers must also countersign to indicate that it has already been claimed. Customers must surrender completed booklets (those with 18 stamps) to the stores after availing of the discount.
  • Customers are not allowed to combine two (2) different booklets to accumulate 18 stamps. Stamps must be completed in one booklet only.
  • Employees of RGOC, their advertising and public relations agencies, and their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity are disqualified to join.
  • Customers can get the stamp booklets at all MUJI main and outlet stores. (BHS, Rockwell, GB3, MOA, ATC, Rustan's Makati and 158 Designers' Blvd at the Podium) Discounts may also be availed in any MUJI store and outlet.
Enjoy the discounts and continue being environmentally conscious! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Commencement

April 11 2012.

A very special day for us, graduates of Centro Escolar University - Makati. Celebrated a very solemn graduation day. Finally, we made, now it's time to go on to another journey, a journey in "THE REAL WORLD". I'm kinda excited though, and I believe that being nervous is just normal.

Mom, together with my two childhood best friends (Jackie and Christal) attended our Graduation ceremony in Manila Hotel. I'm just lucky to have friends who treat me as their REAL sister. They are always there to support me. I LOVE THESE WOMEN SO MUCH. :)

Right after the ceremony, we went straight to Dad's in Glorietta 3 to have our lunch and to wait for my other best friend, Angeline. We had so much fun over lunch. :)

After our lunch with my mom, my girls and I went around Greenbelt. Then decided to go to Mary Grace. Their Lemon Squares are just perfect.  

They also gave this bouquet of peach roses. Aren't they the sweetest best friends ever?

This Blue Laced Dress was made by my Aunt and designed by me, because I wanted to have a very special dress to wear for my most awaited day.

I  just love the details of the fabric. :)

I still can't believe that I'm done with my Bachelor's Degree. I'm so happy and everything is so surreal. It's time to face new challenges in life. I think I'm ready for those. Wish me luck and to all the Graduates of batch 2011 - 2012, Congratulations and all the best of luck.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Summer Lovin' Colors

Since Summer is already here I gotta post something relevant to the season. Pastels or candy colors are forever in every summer but I'm obsessing with these two colors at the moment - Cyan and Orange. So I collected these pictures of outfit pieces from my personal favorite shop, Topshop. which I think are must haves this summer. :)

Wear tops that are comfortable and has light fabric. Stripes and Polka dots are just timeless!

Have a pair of Shorts and a cute top and you're ready to go. Wear skirts for a girly feel. 

I adore dresses. Short dresses are very ideal to wear for summer. 

Going to the beach? Or just having a pool party with friends? These Bikini sets are THE must haves. Be creative  by mix and matching different Bikini tops and bottoms.

Go with bags with big sizes so you have somewhere to put all your "summer necessity" without any hassle. Straw bags (2nd and 4th photo) are perfect for a beach escapade. 

Metallic are forever L-O-V-E gotta have them in every season. :)

*all from TOPSHOP.COM