Saturday, May 19, 2012

AFLG FEATURES: Raf Reyes of Bring Down My Style

Guys who are into fashion is just the best. David Guison, Vini Uehara, Michael Russo and Bobby Hicks, these are some of the "lookbook" guys who I adore when it comes to fashion. For me, they are REAL fashion icons for men.

As an addition to the "club", this new blogger and a friend of mine shares the same interest with these "lookbook" guys. In fact, his also a newbie on

Rafael Reyes a.k.a Raf is a 19 yr old lad from MNL and for him "STYLE is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style." 

RR: Fashion style well nothing amazing and stunning about my style ..i see to it that my style is simple yet it doesn't look so plain always try to accessorize i'm always trying to mix and match, sometimes i recycled my clothes.. 

RR: Fashion icon/s no.1 in my list is David Guison No.2 is T.O.P if your not a fan of k-pop "hindi nyo sya kilala" :)) and Last but not the least No.3 is Enrique Gil 
RR: Fashion Must haves: 2 different perfumes ,at least 2 skinny jeans,Cardigan, sneaker, plain white t's, always have your hanky in your pocket and most important Shades 

Raf and I. 

Hello there, Sailor!

Here's Raf's advice to every men about fashion...

RR: wear something comfortable and suits the weather you don't want to sweat like hell don't you? avoid dark colors if it's sunny and please avoid wearing JACKET!! wear them only when its cold outside especially here in the philippines, lastly always stay and look sweet smelling guy that's a dagdag pogi points for most the girls out there, if you do smell good definitely it will do the magic 

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

AFLG FEATURES: Lace Marquez of Fashion Break

It's nice to have friends who can ride not only to your jokes and trips but also to your lets just say "passion". One of those friends of mine is Lace Marquez of Fashion Break.

It was a rainy Friday afternoon, and doing an outdoor shoot would be really chaotic with the rain, but it didn't stop us from pursuing this so called "simple happiness" of getting the shoot done.


Fashion Style: 
LM: I am really not staying into one fashion style like the others. I just wear what I wanna wear. I find it too boring to have a fashion style. My style depends on my mood.

Fashion must-haves: 
LM: I believe that perfect underwear is the must-haves of every fashionista. Fashion starts from the inside wear before the outside. It's like people, you will never be completely pretty if your inside personality is ugly.

Fashion Icon: 
LM: My Fashion Icon is Carolina Engman of I love her style. She's my original style capsule. I take a dosage of her everyday. I check out her blog every now and then. 

Fashion Mantra:
LM: I think people know me for having two layers of clothes most of the time. I just feel like 
I am so simple wearing only a piece. I don't mind about the occasions and weather, "tiis ganda" 


Me and Lace. It's always fun to do shoots like this with friends. Glad we did this one EVEN through the rain. :)

This pair of earrings is just GORGEOUS, don't you think? 

I love how she mix and match to create a STANDOUT outfit. 

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