Monday, April 13, 2015

Annyeonghasayo, Korea!

It's always better late than never, right? I've been preoccupied with work and all these past few months. I've been wanting to write and finish this blog, this is exciting for me to share with you my first ever trip abroad.

Went for a 4-day trip with the whole Y&R Philippines group in South Korea last January and the experience is truly one of the best. Our first stop was Nami Island.

First time to see snow and I just love it! 
This iceberg is so majestic!

Bea taking Celine's OOTD. :)

We left Nami Island after taking our dinner. I never thought I would love Korean food to be honest, but it's one of the best cuisines I ever tried! 

We stayed at Shilla Stay Hotel at Dongtan for a night. We loved our rooms and their breakfast buffet is the best! <3 

Before transferring to Seoul, we had a 3-hr stopover at Everland. We had a chance to try their snow slide and their mini safari tour. During the safari tour, we met a Liger, a feline that is half tiger and half lion. 
So, this is Seoul.
We stayed in Seoul for 3 days. Seoul is a very busy city, I must say. You'll be surprised that almost everyone is still awake at 2 in the morning still having some drinks or late dinner (or very early breakfast) or even doing some shopping on the streets of Myeongdong and Dongdae.
I got a chance to rave the streets and pavements of Myeongdong to have a little pasalubong shopping alone. It was my friends and I decision to shop separately to maximize our time. 

I really love traveling alone, makes me feel I'm freer and more independent. :)
Myeongdong in the Morning. <3

Part of our tour is a visit Gyeongbokgung Palace where we learned a little bit of Korean History. 
The whole palace became a tourist spot since there's no heir to the throne.

Inside the palace is the National Folk Museum of Korea where thousands of historical artifacts are presented.

I like museums and I like history. Museums make me wonder how it feels to live during ancient history
Of course, this is mandatory. :) This is Hanbok, tradition clothing of Korea.

We had our free day on our last day, so we took the chance to go to Hongdae. Our tourist guide, Mama said that this is a "hangout" place for the teens and young adults. I guess it's because of the street artworks and the universities that surround Hongdae.

After 3 days of eating authentic Korean food, we were so happy to find this restaurant in Hongdae. They have the best pizza and the friendliest crew! :)
And yes, the hardest part of an adventure is ending it. Saying goodbye to the place you fell in love with, but keeping all the memories in your heart and mind.

Thank you, Korea! Thank you, for allowing me to enjoy life in your country even for 4 days. I would definitely see you again. <3

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