Friday, January 6, 2012

How to Wear the Classic Black Leather Jacket


There several ways on how a guy can rock The Classic Black Leather Jacket. And these men will tell you how. 

1. Wear it with black polo and a black skinny tie.
2. Wear with White Graphic Shirt, cuffs and silver bracelets.
3. Wear it with colored shirt and a pair of geeky eyeglasses.
  4. Wear it with denim jacket and a V-neck shirt.
  5. Wear it with a pair of Khaki pants and a pair of studded boots. 
  6. Wear it with a pair of boots and striped shirt. And a pair of wayfarer as an add-on.
  7. Wear it with Plain white shirt. (The Classic Rock Star look)
8. Wear it with faded skinny jeans and a studded belt.
9. Wear with checkered polo.
10. Wear it with a pair of Chuck Taylor Shoes and a pair of acid wash Jeans.

11. Wear it with Tuxedo vest and a cute bow tie.
 12. Wear it with a baroque embroidered bib and a pair of Doc Martens' Boots. (The Victorian Look)

There. 12 ways on how a guy can wear and rock The Classic Black Leather Jacket. AND don't forget that there are alot more ways on how to wear and rock it. :>

  1. Yoshi Sudarso
  2. Adam Gallagher
  3. Bobby Hicks
  4. Bobby Raffin
  5. David Guison
  6. Peter Adrian
  7. Tony Stone
  8. M'c Kenneth Licon
  9. Gabriel W.
  10. Damien Verhagen
  11. Yannick K.
  12. Andre Judd