Monday, November 11, 2013

How to wear the Basic White Shirt

It's been a long time since I posted something about wearing something (Yep. I know over using the word "something). Well, anyway here's one that you guys will surely love. :) 

How to wear your Basic White Tee: 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Manila, I'm coming back to Manila.

Last Saturday, my friend, Isha and I decided to go to Intramuros, Manila. We've been wanting to explore and go around The Philippines but we don't have time to travel yet since we have daily jobs, so we decided to take some baby steps in discovering our Motherland.

It was a RAINY Saturday, August 17 2013. Isha and I took the rain to Recto from Araneta, Cubao. From Recto we rode a jeep going to "Pier 15". It was kind of a hassle, but it was fun. :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Because black is the new black

I'm forever a fan of neutral colors and shades. Black for me will forever be a symbol of class and elegance.
Jumpsuit - Soiree (SM department stores) Flats - American Eagle
Bootsies - Forever 21 Black jersey dress - mom's :)
slippers - Banana Peel Maxi tube dress - gift from the boss

Another outfit blog --- I'M CATCHING UP!!

Here are the other outfit photos I have.
Almost everyone I know is into Aztec. The Maxi sheer Aztec skirt is made by my mom.
My college classmates and I had a get-together last December 29, 2012. It's kinda of a post-chirstmas-party and year-ender celebration.
Color blocking is something we do to have fun and express ourselves, and no one should ever stop us.
Yes, I'm a tough girl. Camouflage leggings: From Glamour. They have good stuff! So you guys, better check their site!!! :D ----

I'm back!

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since the last time I posted something on this blog. After I got hired as an Executive Assistant in a international advertising company last December 2012 (YAY!!!!!), I hardly have a good time to relax and think and write. Hahaha. Anyway. I compiled some outfit photos from December 2012 'till today to share with y'all. CHRISTMAS OUTFITS To begin with,
Christmas has been the craziest and happiest season for everyone, especially for children. I'm young, but I do have a lot of nephews and nieces and godchildren. I love going on shopping for them. :)
Of course I had a fair share of doing my own shopping-for-myself. Over the Christmas season, I got intrigued by Marilyn Monroe and her death. So immediately I fell in love with this cropped top.
My cousin from L.A, gave this dress to me on Christmas day. It's youthful and classy. *two thumbs up*
I always wanted to experience a white Christmas. That's my forever wish. I really don't know why I have all these winter stuff in my closet. I'm that prepared... Maybe. HAHA!
After Christmas day, the whole FAMBAM went out for dinner. And a little post-Christmas-shopping. So enough of this Christmas post photos. Next blog ---> other outfit photos (new year-now) ---------