Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Candy Magazine (dot com) 2nd Feature! Yay!

Yep. That's right I have a second feature on candymag.com style files. YAYYYY!!! 

This is my first feature. It was last year, March 4 2012.
link: click here 

These are my outfit posts featured last year. :)

This is my second feature. :)
Actually, I didn't know my second try got accepted until someone on lookbook.nu told me about this. haha.
link: Click here


These are my looks on my second feature.
Candymag.com is so nice to feature me twice. It's a good platform for aspiring "style icons" to showcase their style and share their insights about fashion. Being a candy girl for 7 years (yes I'm 21 now, and I'm a proud candy girl up to now) is such a good experience, Candy helped me improved a lot in so many ways, especially surpassing my teenage years. 

Again, Thank you Candy for being a true girl friend. :) Also, Thanks for the second feature. <3

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