Monday, November 11, 2013

How to wear the Basic White Shirt

It's been a long time since I posted something about wearing something (Yep. I know over using the word "something). Well, anyway here's one that you guys will surely love. :) 

How to wear your Basic White Tee: 

1. Since skater skirts are so in lately, why don't you pair it with that White tee and wear a quirky socks to add character. 
 2. You'll never go wrong with a hippie skirt paired with the white tee and a scarf for an accent.
 3. Go for the basics. Denim Jeans + White tee + beanie and a statement sling bag and shoes.
4. Layer it with a crochet tank top and pair it with a Denim shorts. Perfect for a sunny day outfit.
5. A statement necklace will always be a good idea to pump up your white tee.
6.  Don't you just adore printed leggings? I do. Wear them with your white tee and layer it with a bohemian cardigan.
 7. Accessorize. Enough said.
 8. Layer with a plaid long-sleeved polo.
 9. Suspenders and a hat to quirk it up!
10. Floral high-waisted shorts is one of the simplest ways to pump up your basic white tee.

So there are your 10 ways on how to wear your good ol' white shirt. AND believe me, there A LOT more ways to wear and rock it. :)

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