Sunday, August 18, 2013

Manila, I'm coming back to Manila.

Last Saturday, my friend, Isha and I decided to go to Intramuros, Manila. We've been wanting to explore and go around The Philippines but we don't have time to travel yet since we have daily jobs, so we decided to take some baby steps in discovering our Motherland.

It was a RAINY Saturday, August 17 2013. Isha and I took the rain to Recto from Araneta, Cubao. From Recto we rode a jeep going to "Pier 15". It was kind of a hassle, but it was fun. :)

The first thing we saw is the Manila Cathedral. It's been a long time since the last time I visited Manila Cathedral.  I think the first and last time I went there was around late 90's, I was just a little girl that time and I was so naive to appreciate Manila Cathedral's beauty.
Unfortunately we didn't able to go in the Cathedral since it's under renovation. :(

1. Sto. Tomas. Street 2. Door of Bureau of Treasury  

Hi, Isha!

We also visited Fort Santiago. I remember that when I was a kid I used to go here during our school field trips. I love history.

These are some of our photos inside the Fort Santiago. 

Next, we went to Casa Manila. It's a museum of antiques collected from different rich families in the Philippines.

I fell in love with the place. Feels like I'm far away from Manila. It's nice to know that we have this kind of place in our country. :)

The street in front of Casa Manila. I just love the brick tiles.

Another church we saw is the San Agustin Church. I must say, this is my dream wedding church.

I met Isha when we're in college, same school and same college, but different campuses. She's from Mendiola and my campus is in Makati. We also attended the same internship in a radio station. We don't talk to each other a lot in college. We just started talking weeks before our graduation, since our college had a retreat in Caliraya, Laguna. :) After that, we have been kind of "inseparable". Haha. She's my newly found sister from another mother... and father. haha. And yes, she's a beautiful lady, inside and out. :)

After a 4-hour walk, we decided to take some rest and eat!!

We found this cafe in front of San Agustin Church, it's called "Ristorante Delle Mitre". Their cakes are very delicious, not too sweet. 

Thanks to Manong Guard for taking this photo of us. :)
After eating we went back home. I know we still missed a lot of places to visit, but there's always a next time, right? It's fulfilling, especially for me, to nurture my fascination to arts and our history and discover that there are more to this country. There are a lot of places to visit and enjoy and blog. Surely will do this again. Next week? or next month?  haha.

Btw, if you guys know a place, spot or whatever here in the Metro, let me know. Just leave me a message, and I'll try my best to visit and blog them. :) THANKS IN ADVANCE! <3



  1. Discovering Manila is on my to-do list, too! :) Your photos have made me push that to the top of my list now. :)

    1. Hey there Lil Miss Wonderwoman! It's good to know that my photos inspire you somehow. :) followed your blog! Can't wait for your Manila adventure post! :) see you around. :)