Monday, April 23, 2012

My ZALORA wishlist

As a young woman, I love dressing up and trying new styles every once in awhile, but there is one thing or style I can't, well let's say, live without. And that is the "Girly" girl style. So I chose this gorgeous pieces from to make one lovely outfit that I could wear and also blog about. 

This Chic Yamada Pom Pom dress captured my attention because of its details. I just love the cut of this dress, Pure elegance.
I'm in love with anything metallic plus big bags. This XOXO Tote bag is just lovely. The bag itself is already a statement.
For me, flats are forever a must haves. Flats are my on-the-go shoes. I love the color of this Anita Mary Jane flats, it's very summery. And I feel that the pair of this shoes fits my personality, it screams BUBBLY and GIRLY. <3

Jewelries, I must say, complete an outfit. And a one piece of jewelry can make or break the whole style. These pieces (The Little Things She Needs Gold necklace and Alchemista Ring) are just the right pieces to complete this outfit. These jewelries are very classy.

So. This is my Zalora wishlist. If you guys think these pieces are lovely, go and check some other stuffs that you will surely like at They have lots of good stuffs for both genders and for kids - from sports attire to smart casual clothes. 

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