Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Commencement

April 11 2012.

A very special day for us, graduates of Centro Escolar University - Makati. Celebrated a very solemn graduation day. Finally, we made, now it's time to go on to another journey, a journey in "THE REAL WORLD". I'm kinda excited though, and I believe that being nervous is just normal.

Mom, together with my two childhood best friends (Jackie and Christal) attended our Graduation ceremony in Manila Hotel. I'm just lucky to have friends who treat me as their REAL sister. They are always there to support me. I LOVE THESE WOMEN SO MUCH. :)

Right after the ceremony, we went straight to Dad's in Glorietta 3 to have our lunch and to wait for my other best friend, Angeline. We had so much fun over lunch. :)

After our lunch with my mom, my girls and I went around Greenbelt. Then decided to go to Mary Grace. Their Lemon Squares are just perfect.  

They also gave this bouquet of peach roses. Aren't they the sweetest best friends ever?

This Blue Laced Dress was made by my Aunt and designed by me, because I wanted to have a very special dress to wear for my most awaited day.

I  just love the details of the fabric. :)

I still can't believe that I'm done with my Bachelor's Degree. I'm so happy and everything is so surreal. It's time to face new challenges in life. I think I'm ready for those. Wish me luck and to all the Graduates of batch 2011 - 2012, Congratulations and all the best of luck.


  1. You all look so happy on the photos. :) And I love the blue lace dress! You have the perfect skin tone for it, it looks so much better on tan skin than it would be on pale skin!

    I'd be very happy if you visited me at <3

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  3. Congratulations, so happy for you! :-)
    Hope you'll be very successful later on! I love your sense of style by the way c: