Sunday, July 15, 2012

Colored Story

Since I have promised you that there are more blog posts to come, I created another for you guys TODAY. YAY! :) Okay, I know I was busy these past months. Why? Well, because I worked as an Assistant stylist for this up coming teleserye (TV series) in ABS-CBN channel 2... Which I will be sharing some of the details I can share to you on another blog post. :) I had fun doing the job but I had to leave the show for certain reasons. So now that I have all the time to blog I'm grabbing the opportunity to catch up.

Okay, let's go back to School Year 2011-2012, my graduating batch. I must say we were fortunate to end the school year with.. well let's say A BANG! But mishaps are always there and sometimes can not be avoided. Our alumni organization had organized a "Graduation Ball" for us to enjoy our last "Kick" in college. It was supposed to be the first time that our university will going to have the Send-off ball for the graduating batch. Sadly, it was cancelled. :(

My friends and I were excited to attend the ball. Prepared all the dresses, gowns, shoes and tuxedos weeks before the said date. We felt sad about the fact that it was cancelled, since almost everyone's clothes and... SOUL were ready.

One of them was me. A week after they announced that there's gonna be a Graduation Ball for us, Seniors, I told my mom and the news excites her too. She haven't been to a graduation ball or even her Junior/Senior prom during her high school years, but she knew that it's going to be fun.

So this is the dress that I was supposed to wear to the Grad Ball...

My mum designed this gown and I asked my Aunt to sew it. My mum didn't attend any fashion design class or whatever. I think it's just her passion that drives her in creating lovely pieces like this. I love how artistic my family is. They inspire me to explore my creative side. And of course their support is my ultimate up-lifter.

This gown was made for the grad ball, but since it was cancelled, I didn't have other chances to wear it. I hope I can wear somewhere soon though. 

My mum did the accents to the gown.

I know how perfect this would be on the Red Carpet. I love how the long back moves with me. Well, for me it's an accomplishment that we chose the right fabric for this gown.

So, yes, it was kinda a sad story especially for us who were really excited. BUT, life goes on, there's always a next time... and event. HAHA!


Comments, questions, suggestions. Don't hesitate to leave them! :)


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