Monday, December 1, 2014

Lovely Places and Love Songs

I know, I have been a lazy blogger. My last post was last year November, but now  I am back with a new blog name (Sights and Styles). Yay!

I've lost and found myself again. And that's the best thing you could ever do when you lose your will to do the things you love. When all of a sudden you lose your identity as a human being. It happens, really. Believe me, some point in our lives it will. All you got to do is to stand up again and find yourself. 

It will make you happy, but at the same time, it won't necessarily make you feel contented - in a good way. When you rediscovered yourself and rebuild your own identity, you'll be excited for other things. You'll be more thirsty to discover many things - new ones.

I have been traveling. For work, actually. But I fell in love with it immediately. It felt like I freed myself from the cage I was in for quite some time. 

Music is always a part of me. One thing I'll never forget. Music was (and still is) one of the things I hold on to during my darkest hours. 

Let me share with you airport sights from my recent travels around my mother land, The Philippines.

Bacolod, one of the best places I've been to. The food are delicious and the people are very friendly. My parents are both from Bacolod, but I was born in Manila that is why I don't speak our dialect. I can understand a little, though. :) 

"And by morning, gone was any trace of you..." I love how Taylor Swift writes her songs. She has her own way of using her words to express her real feelings. I have traces of you in Bacolod. Memories that must be tampered by new ones. And maybe one day, I'll be back in that place and say "I am finally clean".

Davao, the cleanest and safest place so far. Food is the best too. Davao has the most disciplined people, and that's for sure. 

"You're the magic in my veins, this must be love" Boom Clap is a happy song. Makes you want to fall in love again and again. I must say, It was at the first sight. I just didn't know, but I think it's clearer to me now, that it was, it was love at first sight. Maybe that's the thing about love, it's like a drug, we will never know we're drugged until we become sober. 

General Santos, Laid back. Food is also great. And yes, I am a woman who loves food.

"When I am with you, there's no place I'd rather be" I admit it, I miss the feeling you gave me. That feeling of contentment. The feeling that I don't need anyone or anything else anymore. The feeling that I am home where ever I go as long as I am with you.

I let my playlist speaks for me. Music gets me more than anyone - even more than myself. Music, like you is something that I can't take away from myself. Music, like you is something that I'll never forget. Music...

Take me home. You're only thing I know, and want to know more. So please take me home.

Be right back with more travel photos. :)

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