Sunday, December 11, 2011

Makeup : Green Eyes

I'm the type of girl who really loves doing makeup. My friend, Vergil, suggested that I should blog my makeup "skills". So, now I'm finally giving it a try. :)

Now, lets put some GREEN EYE...SHADOW.
NOTE: Don't forget to wash your face before doing your makeup.

Concealer is a friend. You must conceal every dark spots, pimples and under eye.
Don't worry if you get uneven skin tone after concealing. Blending will be the key to get rid of those uneven tones.
This brush will help you blending. (if you're using a matte concealer, you may use a liquid foundation with the same tone for easy blending.) I won't suggest that you use a cosmetic sponge to blend. It's easy if you do the blending with a brush for a fine texture.
NOTE: Your concealer and/or liquid foundation should be 1 or a half tone lighter than your skin tone.
Personally, I love using this L'oreal True Match Mineral Foundation.
Next is you have to pat some mineral foundation to have a finer texture. You may use a darker (than your concealer) or same tone foundation.In my case, I used a darker tone.
Brush: essence of | beauty
Use the Powder Brush to blend.
Now, put a little Baby Powder on your T zone, again use the Powder Brush to blend. This will give you a natural highlight.
Eyeshadow: Elianto & Dollface Cosmetics
Now, choose your Green color shade. Choose three shades, One must be lighter or darker than the other and other one a medium shade. Also choose a neutral or a medium color.
Brush: Estee Lauder
The lighter shade is your base. Put the lighter shade all over your eye lid and brow bone. Then put the darker shade onto your lower lid. Put a medium color onto the crease to contour. (In this case, I used a soft brown color for the medium)
 To have a more dramatic eye shadow color, blend the medium shade of green to the darker shade. 
Pencil Eyeliner: Estee Lauder
Use a Black Pencil eyeliner to give emphasis to your eyes. Put this onto your lower waterline and upper lash line.
Brush: essence of | beauty
Also, a Dark Brown Eyeliner or Eye shadow to draw your eyebrows. This Eyeliner Brush will be your best friend in doing your brows.
Now you can see clearer contoured part (which is the crease) of the eye, the highlighted part, and the medium to dark part. You can also make use the darker shade as a liner on your lower lash line.
Mascara: Estee Lauder
Put a mascara.
Use a Coral shade of Blush under your cheekbones to contour.
Bronzer: E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face)
And use a Bronzer on your cheekbones to highlight.
Lipstick: Cover Girl
Lastly, color your lips. It's better if you choose a pink or natural lip color.

VIOLA! And your done. :)

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